There is wishful thinking and then there is reality!

by Kasey on October 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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Isn’t that the truth!  So in an effort to share not only things that take less than a half hour of time and work well, I also want to make sure to show the reality of things I try that don’t work as well as I anticipate.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wet towels left on our bathroom floor.  I don’t know about you but we have a huge struggle with wet towels on the floor of our bathroom.  I don’t know what makes picking up towels hard but for some reason for the 10 and under crowd in our house it is.   My first step to the kids picking up their own towels was to place low hooks on the back of the bathroom door.  That was the first thing that didn’t help.  Not wanting to give up I tried another avenue.  Up until a few months ago we only had one color bathroom towels.  With only one color towel unless I caught the wet towel leaver in the act I never really knew who left the towel on the floor.

To combat the problem and put some accountability on my kids I decided to color code their towels.  I bought three colors of towels and assigned one to each of my older three kids.

My two year old has her own towel too.  She gets the cute duck or dinosaur towel.

My hope with color coding the towels was that it would motivate the kids to hang their towels up without being asked because I would know who left their towel on the floor.  I would love to go on and on about how great this has worked but the reality is that this has not been the case.  We still regularly have wet towels on the floor.  Not sure why I thought if each child had a color they would pick up their towel.  They each have their own socks, clothes and toys but they don’t pick those up without reminders either ;)

There have been two positives to each child having their own color towel.  The first is that now when someone leaves their towel on the floor I can tell who the offender was (by looking at the color) and call them back to pick it up.  So while it hasn’t completely motivated the kids to pick their towels up it has eliminated the “it’s not my towel” battle we had before.  It also cuts down on laundry.  Since only one person is using a particular towel I have them use it for a few days before I wash it.

So, while coloring coding the kids towels didn’t create that ideal situation I had created in my mind it still has its benefits.  Albeit, much smaller than I originally was hoping.  I have not lost all hope though.  My long term goal is that by making the kids responsible for coming back and picking up their own towel it will eventually train them to hang their towels up when they get out of the shower.  If this is not a realistic reality please don’t tell me!!!


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